GoTajer Website

GoTajer is a Lebanese trusted platform for used cars listing. It offers on site inspection and cars certifications for buyers who wish to post their used cars on the platform, boosting trust among the sellers. GoTajer team approached us (GUIX), to create their website, making it easy to use and modern, reflecting their new branding identity.

My Salaam Mobile App
My Role

As part of the GUIX team, my role was to participate in the UX process, identifying users and business needs, conducting competitive research, ideating and prototyping. I also created the UI, designing all the main templates, putting together the website's style guide.

The Process

Prior to designing, we conducted a competitive analysis to identify and evaluate the competition websites' usability, functionalities, what’s done right, what they’re struggling with, giving us an idea about the market context, what users might expect, and more room for innovation.

Now that we had a list of findings, essential features, and dos & don’ts, we conducted users interviews so we can understand needs, behavior, and goals.
We interviewed around 10 persons, that represent our target audience, and primary personas: the buyers and the sellers. The highlights of our findings were:

Initial findings based on user interviews

The above are just some of the points spotted; others insights gave us additional ideas for future features, which we proposed to the client, and might be introduced at a later stage of the project.

We've put a list of features, prioritized them based on the client's time & budget, and performed low fidelity paper sketches in order to initialize discussions, and test internally the general flow; we then created the high fidelity prototype using atomic.io (web app).

Wireframes showing from top left to bottom right: Homepage - Search results - My added cars - Add Car (step 3)

Due to the client's tight budget, we didn't conduct usability tests on the prototype, and tried our best to validate our work internally. Once we were satisfied with the final prototype, we created the UI guidelines, produced the final designs and created an inVision final prototype.

GoTajer final homepage design
The cars search results (list view), with filters on the left, and more suggested cars in the bottom which criterias are very close to the user's search.
Car details page, featuring the car gallery, badges, description, specs, and seller's contact info.
My added cars interface, where a seller can manage his posted ads.
Add a car process, divided in multiple steps, and simplifying its process.